We have come up with the best 6 back-to-school cleaning tips! but first: Welcome back to school guys!!! This is that time of our year, we have deeply relaxed or been in high adrenaline rushes from so much holiday excitement, and suddenly…. hit the brakes! It is time to organize ourselves and get back to school!

Where to start? How to start?

Cleaning is the number one secret to getting back to a focused, goal-orientated mindset. It isn’t just about making sure your clothes and your desk are clean, it is also about sorting through all of your things, from clothing to toiletries, to sports equipment, to linen and school supplies! Check out our Spring Cleaning advice, which also has wonderful and similar ‘sorting out’ procedures outlined.

Sparkling Clean Pro. Back-to-school cleaning advice is to divide your cleaning into 3 parts: Toss, Replace, and Recycle!

REMEMBER: The most eco-friendly solution for tossing something away is to Recycle or Donate!


1 – Clothing

Going back to school means you will be in contact with institutions academia, or schools. Each one of these places has a certain type of social code or clothing prerequisites like uniforms. Make sure you have all the clothing you need according to your size!

Ask yourself ‘How do I want to present myself this year?’. Make your clothing selections accordingly, and donate what you have grown out of.

You may have begun a new sport, or let go of a sport you did last semester. In this case, make sure to purchase the new gear (or buy second hand), and if you have let go of an activity, make sure to sell, donate, or throw away (in case they have no more life in them).

Don’t forget to go through your shoes too!

2 – School supplies

Make a list of all of the things you need for school supplies, as you look to what you already have. Sort out what is still good, and what you don’t need, and shop for what you need! Toss, Replace, and Recycle!

Forgetting to do these seasonal upkeeps, creates huge accumulations! You don’t want that! Make sure, to go through all those broken pencils, torn-out staplers, dried glues, papers, documents, folders, and files, sort them out, and recycle or toss what you don’t need.

Going through so many little pieces can be annoying, but so extremely rewarding when you are done!

3 – Personal hygiene

It is important you have everything you need to be clean and presentable. Go through your bathroom and make sure you have the basics: deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gels, moisturizers, etc.

Look at your hair brush, do you need a new one? Do you have all your scrunchies, hair clips, gels, or new razors?

It might seem like a silly cleaning area, but it really isn’t. Making sure you have all of these personal items at hand, creates the best flow for yourself as you are getting ready to head out to class in the mornings. You don’t want to be late!

4 – Storage space

When we are in the flow of our routines, storage spaces make all of the difference in the world! Take a look around your room, where can you open more space?

That is why sorting through, clothing, shoes and supplies is so helpful. It will immediately help you find more space! An empty drawer, empty bins, empty shelves.

Perhaps you realize you need more organizational bins or need to put a shelf beside your desk! This is the time for you to look around your home-working areas and to plan out where to put all of your materials when you get home!

5 – Medical check-up

Make sure to get that seasonal medical check-up.

Perhaps you need glasses now, or maybe your sugar levels are low, how should your better plan your eating habits? So many variations of unbalances can happen to our bodies, that getting a check-up will only ease your mind, for you to tackle your goals free of any worries!

6 – Hire a deep cleaning with Sparkling Clean Pro.

Last but certainly not least, Hire us at Sparkling Clean Pro. for a deep cleaning!

Once you have all of your personal school and life items sorted out, having us help you do that extra push for a total deep cleaning, will only be the cherry on the top!

Come home and work stress-free in a sparkling clean and totally eco-friendly environment!