The single disadvantage of natural cleaning agents is time.

The pros of natural cleaning agents far supersede the con. Although more time, might seem like a disadvantage, we at Sparkling Clean, don’t see it that way.

We understand how the fast-paced rhythm of San Francisco and the Bay Area creates a culture that prioritizes time optimization. San Franciscans need to meet working schedules and deadlines, in addition to creating space for personal interest and self-development.

no disadvantages on eco-friendly cleaning

The challenge with prioritizing time optimization is that it can lead us to inadvertently neglect or overlook essential processes that contribute to the well-being of our bodies, minds, and relationships with others, animals, and the environment. We believe in re-evaluating our pre-conditioned habits and behaviors that might be creating further damage to the ‘greater whole’, in the long run. Creating time for cleaning with natural products is, in our eyes, one of these important processes that should be re-evaluated.

How do natural cleaning agents consume more time?

There are 2 main reasons natural cleaning agents consume more time:

1 – They are less abrasive, which means that for intense stains or dirt you need more scrubbing or soaking time. In order not to create intense stains and dirt, we recommend cleaning frequently.

2 – To go down the cheaper route of natural products, we recommend DIY-ing it, meaning more time on research and creating the mixtures.

How much MORE time is it?

As long as you create these new habits of researching and frequent cleaning, in the end, it might mean less than 40 min extra per week. In terms of contributing to the eco-friendly culture in the world, it is 100% worth it.

Why is it worth spending this time?

  • Eco cleaners effectively reduce the amount of dust and chemical allergens in the environment, reducing respiratory issues like asthma, and auto-immune diseases and reducing common issues like headaches.
  • Minimize your impact on Ozone depletion as well as your impact on global climate change.
  • Reduce pollution from runoff into our water and soil.
  • Reduces chemical pollution in our air.
  • Reuse containers with peace of mind that chemicals aren’t still inside, which results in contaminating landfills.
  • You are helping preserve our wild animal populations and keeping harmful substances out of the ocean.