We’ve all been there. The sun comes up, and the house is a disaster, but the motivation to get the job done is just not there. Unfortunately, not doing anything will only make the situation worse. Letting a mess fester can actually make it harder to muster up the motivation to clean later on. If you are feeling particularly unmotivated, here are a few simple ways you can get your home at least semi-presentable.

Set a timer:

This is, by far, one of the most effective ways to get a few things done without feeling chained to the broom and dustpan. Grab your kitchen timer (the timer on your cellphone works great too), and set it for 15 to 20 minutes.

During those 20 minutes, clean as much as you can. I’ve found that I can do a quick pick-up, unload the dishwasher, and start a load of laundry all in 20 minutes. Sometimes I manage to squeeze in vacuuming. If you have a bigger house, you may not get quite as much done, but 20 minutes is enough time to make a dent. You may even find yourself adding a few minutes to the timer because you’ve gotten into a groove.

Keep baskets handy:

This is particularly helpful if you have kids (or a spouse) that leave their stuff all over the house. Purchase a few small laundry baskets and toss all of their things in the basket during the day. Before bedtime, have them sort through the baskets and put the items away. This tip is especially helpful if you have an unexpected guest as you can hide the baskets away quickly.

Wrap it up:

Use clear wrap on your refrigerator shelves. When it gets dirty, pull it off and add a new layer. You can use shelf liners or plastic wrap. Additionally, to avoid messy clean-ups after dinner, try lining your pans in foil. (You can also use oil on a George Forman Grill) Simply remove the foil and toss when done cooking.

Bonus tip: Buy a removable oven liner. The liner sits on the bottom of your oven and you can easily remove it for quick cleaning.

Bonus-bonus tip: Wrap your stovetop pans in foil. When they’re dirty, toss the foil and rewrap. You will never have to scrub those annoying pans again!

Turn on the tunes:

There’s nothing like a good beat to get you off your bum. Music is a great way to move faster when you exercise and can make cleaning the house a little bit more fun too. Try cleaning for one or two songs at a time. You may be surprised how fast the clutter vanishes. (As a note, this works great on getting toddlers to pick up their toy room too!)

Hide stuff:

A professional organizer will tell you this is a terrible solution, but when you are feeling extra lazy, it’s not that important. If you are having one heck of a day, hiding things in drawers is a quick way to make your home look a little bit cleaner, and let you breathe just a little bit easier. Consider having a decorative basket, bin, or drawer in each room that you can use in a pinch.

Use the dishwasher/washer:

You can wash almost everything in the dishwasher or the washer. Wash your shower curtains (even the plastic ones), shoes, toys, and hats in the dishwasher. You can even wash your stove pans and filters in the dishwasher! Toss stuffed animals and Legos (in a laundry sack) in the washer.

You do not have to scrub everything by hand!

Bonus tip: Toss your pillows in the washer with vinegar and baking soda to remove old stains.

Clean your oven overnight

If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven and you want to avoid cleaners with too many additives, try an easy overnight routine that nearly eliminates the need to scrub. Heat your oven to 150 degrees, and put a pot of boiling water on the bottom rack and a bowl of 1 cup of ammonia (oven-safe bowls only please) in the oven. Shut off the heat and let it set overnight. The next day, just add a few drops of dish soap and the ammonia to some warm water and wipe the gook away.

Hire help:

If you really hate cleaning or you simply don’t have the time to tackle all the projects at home, hire a professional. If you don’t want to or can’t do it: pay someone else to do it for you! Sparkling Clean works with professional cleaners who have the skills and experience necessary to have your home sparkling in no time.

Let us help you get your home clean while you focus on taking care of your family. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the services we offer.