There is something about entering into a house no one else has lived in, with new surfaces and fresh materials. However, this sweetness can often be soured if you don’t clean properly the leftovers of the construction process such as dust, plaster, and debris. This is where new construction house cleaning comes into play. It’s far from an optional task; it’s important to ensure the house is ready and welcoming.

Here are a few reasons why new construction house cleaning is necessary

Construction projects make a significant amount of dust, which can affect indoor air quality. This dust can come from various sources, like cement, plaster, wood, and even certain insulating materials, and they can be harmful if inhaled, triggering health issues such as respiratory problems or allergies. If any moisture gets trapped within the house during the construction process, it can lead to mold growth. Mold can potentially cause a variety of health problems, from allergic reactions to breathing difficulties.

A thorough post-construction cleanup should include areas where moisture might hide. Construction materials and processes often involve the use of chemicals that can be hazardous to health. Paints, solvents, adhesives, treated wood, and other construction materials leave residues of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that need to be removed. A clean, dust-free, and tidy space contributes to lower stress levels and better mental health. Moving into a new home can be stressful, and a clean environment can offer peace of mind, knowing that health hazards have been mitigated. A thorough cleaning helps remove potential irritants from surfaces where they may come into contact with the occupants, preventing skin irritations, eye problems, and other health issues.

Ready for Living

Beyond dust and debris, staining, splatter, or spills from paint, adhesive, and other substances are common on a construction site. These can make a space look dirty and unfinished, and can sometimes even attract pests if not cleaned properly. A professional cleaning job can immediately enhance the look and feel of a new home. It ensures that windows are clear of smudges, floors are spotless, appliances are free of fingerprints, and every surface is polished, presenting the home in its best light. Often, appliances installed in new homes need a thorough professional cleaning before they can be used. This is especially important for appliances such as ovens, fridges, and HVAC systems.

Reduce the waiting time for home owners and do a thorough cleaning so the house is immediately ready for occupancy. Homeowners can focus on organizing and decorating their new space and therefore spend time and energy cleaning construction residue.

Cleaning Process

Debris Removal:

This is the initial stage where large and visible pieces of debris from construction are removed. The clutter usually includes pieces of lumber, drywall, metal scraps, and packaging materials. The goal here is to clear the house of any significant obstructions for intensive cleaning.

High Dusting:

Dust settles everywhere during construction so dusting is important to clean all the out-of-reach areas like light fixtures, vents, and high shelves. Dust and clean all walls and ceilings with a damp mop or cloth. Specialized cleaners will clean tiles in wet areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Clean out the dust and debris trapped in the vent of the HVAC system.

Surface Cleaning:

Clean all surfaces from countertops, cabinets, windows, appliances, walls, and floors. Wipe down and eliminate dust particles from all surfaces like countertops, cabinets, fixtures, windows, and doors. This cleaning will often include the use of appropriate cleaning agents.

Deep cleaning:

This step includes scrubbing bathrooms, kitchen, floors, etc., to ensure the home is clean. Depending on the type of flooring installed, methods can vary. Carpeted areas need thorough vacuuming and steam cleaning, and hard surface floors (like wood or tiles) may need mopping, sweeping, and special cleaning depending on the material.

Final Touches:

Polish mirrors, clean glasses, and ensure that every detail of the house is squeaky clean. The house should smell fresh, and be ready for living where all final touch-ups and polishing are done. This could be things like wiping down mirrors and glass for smudges, polishing fixtures, double-checking hard-to-reach spots, etc.

While some home owners may choose to tackle this task themselves, it can be rather hard, because of the level of detail and effort required. Professional cleaning companies for in post-construction cleanup often have the necessary tools, experienced staff, and an understanding of local rules regarding construction waste disposal, making them an excellent choice for the job.

Move into a new and recently built home. New construction house cleaning ensures your clean new house is sparkling and completely free of construction debris and dust. Whether you decide to roll up your sleeves and handle it personally or hire the professionals is up to you, however, one thing remains a fact – it is very important to hire a full new construction house cleaning.

Remember, the joy of owning a new home starts with walking into a fresh, clean space. Make your first steps in your new house count.