The first thing you must have in order to spring clean your home is, well… courage!

It is NOT an easy task, and can be overwhelming! That is why most people avoid it.

The best way to Spring Clean your home is to compartmentalize a list of tasks inside a one-week to a one-month schedule.

It is not because we are Spring Cleaning our home that our work/life miraculously stops! We must be strategic not to overwork ourselves. We don’t want a level of chaos that prevents one from seeing their floors or losing basic things like socks, a kitchen knife, or keys! We want to help you go through this process without living in Mayhem!

We have developed a Spring Cleaning task list that you can easily follow and pin them down on your free days, but first:


Donation / Fixer-uppers/ Support

Get 3 boxes:

1- Donation.

2 – Fixer-uppers.

3- Support.

As you move around cleaning all parts of your home, you will most likely come across objects and clothing that you no longer want or that need to be fixed. Separate these objects as you go through your Spring Cleaning between these Donation and Fixer-upper boxes.

The support box is to help your pace not slow down while cleaning. Let’s say you find a bunch of bathroom products in your living room, or some bedroom objects in your kitchen drawer. Put these ‘misplaced’ objects in the support box until you are finished cleaning and your last chore will be putting the ‘misplaced’ objects back into place.

Task 1 – Wardrobe

Gather all your clothing in one room, and verify all clothing that needs repair or that you want to donate. Separate them between the boxes. Bring in your duster, vacuum, mop, cleaning linens, and eco-friendly products:

  • Dust hanger rack
  • Empty out all boxes, shelves, and drawers and clean their surfaces and insides.
  • Clean the walls and ceiling of your wardrobe.
  • Superficially wipe your shoes, or put the fixer-uppers into the fixer-upper box.
  • Organize all objects and clothing back into drawers, shelves, and boxes.
  • Turn on that vacuum
  • Mop the floor

Task 2 – Clean Kitchen Appliances

Check out your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and surfaces for your electric appliances.

  • Place them all on your kitchen counter for you to measure your progress.
  • Since they are all out, take this chance to clean the insides of drawers and cabinets.
  • Take them one by one and clean all that extra grease that has been around them, their electric chords, and small plug-ins.
  • Dry them and put them back.

Task 3 – Deep Clean your Fridge

  • Take everything out of your freezer and refrigerator.
  • Remove shelves and drawers from the refrigerator and wash them on your sink
  • Clean the floor, walls, and ceilings of the fridge and ice box. For Ice-box remove the extra Ice build-up.
  • Put drawers and shelves back into the fridge.
  • Select item by item to put back into the fridge (check their expiration date).

Task 4 – Medicine box or cabinet

Take this time to go through your medicine cabinet or box and check all your medication through expiration date. Make sure to clean inside the box or cabinet and neatly sort all medication back in.

Task 5 – Bathroom ‘stuff’

  • Remove everything from your bathroom shelves, boxes, cabinets, and drawers, and clean their insides.
  • Now that everything is out, check one by one, and ask yourself which tools and products you need. Sort out all the keepers, through-aways, and donations through the box system.
  • For everything you are keeping, wipe it down with a wet cloth and put them back neatly.

Task 6 – Household Linens

Do you know those sofa blankets or sheets that never get washed?

This is their time to shine! Gather all of them and put them in the washing machine!

Task 7 – Random drawers

  • Locate all the ‘Radom drawers’ around your house and literally bring all the drawers to one room.
  • Dump everything out of all drawers into a heap.
  • Clean each drawer, one by one.
  • Go through each ‘random object’ and separate them into categories, like office tools, bathroom products, personal accessories, kitchen gadgets, etc.
  • Make sure to throw out into the dump box and donation box all that no longer serves you.
  • Put drawers back, with newly established categories, and return objects that have been misplaced back to their homes.

Task 8 – Clean your windows and blinds

  • Remove your window screens, and vacuum blinds and windows, using the handheld attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Then, soak them in soapy water before rinsing.
  • Use dish soap diluted in water and a microfiber cloth to wipe down your blinds and then windows. Then, spray on vinegar diluted in water, and wipe the windows with a clean towel to dry them.
  • Dust your windowsills and frames and touch up any chipped paint on the sills.

Task 9 – Clean all your electronics

  • Walk around the house gathering all your electronics and place them in one place.
  • Go through one-by-one, cleaning them with rubbing alcohol. Remember, do not wet them. Water can permanently damage your electronics.

Task 10 – Clean your oven

  • First Remove the oven shelves and let them soak in warm soapy water.
  • Get your eco-friendly oven product and spray it thoroughly all around the doors walls and ceiling of your oven. Let the moisture settle for 30 minutes, and wipe all that grease away! (If there are extra crusts, get a sponge and scrub it applying a bit more of the product over it.)
  • Clean your oven shelves on your sink with a sponge and once cleaned, return it to the oven.

Task 11 – Clean out your garage

We tend to accumulate a lot of unnecessary ‘stuff’ in our garage, ‘doesn’t hurt what the heart can’t see’ kinda thing…We might not see the garage all the time, but we can definitely feel it!

This is the best ‘what goes’, ‘what stays’, and ‘what is donated’ moment.

  • Go shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer, and cabinet by cabinet repeating the order:
    • 1 remove all objects.
    • 2 – clean the self, drawer, or cabinet out.
    • 3 – sort out objects between 3 boxes
    • 4 – put back neatly everything that stays.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor.

Task 12 – Standard Cleaning

This is the time to do your common normal cleaning moment.

  1. Start by taking care of any object or clothing, or linen that requires soaking time. This way you can optimize your cleaning rhythm!
  2. Tidy first then Clean. Pick up misplaced objects, laundry, dishes, and trash. Start laundry cleaner and dryer process
  3. Clean ‘wet areas’ first, such as Kitchen and bathrooms.
  4. Clean from top to down. Start cleaning by dusting and wiping down windows, walls, and all surfaces
  5. Clean floors for last and Deep clean rugs
  6. Fold clean laundry and put out to dry whatever soaking linen you had.


  1. Take your donation box to your Donation location of choice
  2. Write down a list of each fixer-upper object, and designate a ‘DIY fixing time’ or take them to a professional venue.
  3. Throughout all trash and unwanted item. Remember to Recycle!

Happy Spring Cleaning!