At Sparkling Clean, we highly recommend utilizing the pick-up services provided by Recology, a renowned recycling company in San Francisco. Recology offers an exceptional door-to-door pickup program that is available to you at no cost.

Recycling hazardous waste is a crucial part of San Francisco’s commitment to achieving zero waste and maintaining a clean environment with reduced carbon emissions. However, navigating the process of recycling hazardous materials can be challenging for residents and business owners. In this post, we aim to provide all the necessary information to help San Francisco residents and business owners effectively recycle their hazardous waste.

What Recology Picks Up

Recology’s pickup program accepts a wide range of hazardous materials. Here are the types of waste that they collect:

  1. Paint & Stains: This includes latex and oil-based paints, stains, lacquer, urethanes, and primers.
  2. Aerosol Spray Cans: Recology accepts all types of aerosol spray cans.
  3. Solvents: Paint thinners, mineral spirits, lubricants, alcohol, gasoline, turpentine, and acetone are among the solvents they collect.
  4. Adhesives & Resins: Glues, caulk, roofing materials, tar, wax paste, grease, and joint compound fall under this category.
  5. Cleaners: Kitchen and bathroom cleaners, bleach, ammonia, detergents, and similar cleaning products are accepted.
  6. Garden Pesticides: Recology collects herbicides and wood preservers used in gardens.
  7. Fertilizers: If you have unused or expired fertilizers, Recology will safely dispose of them.
  8. Car Motor Oil: Used car motor oil can be included in the pickup.
  9. Car Anti Freeze & Coolant: Recology accepts old or unused car antifreeze and coolant.
  10. Fluorescent Lights Tubes & CFL Light Bulbs: These energy-efficient bulbs can be recycled through Recology’s program.
  11. House Batteries and Auto Batteries: Whether you have household batteries or automotive batteries, Recology will collect them.
  12. Propane Tanks: Empty propane tanks can be safely disposed of through the pickup program.
  13. Fire Extinguishers: Recology accepts fire extinguishers that are the size of a 2L soda bottle or smaller.

What Recology Doesn’t Pick Up

While Recology offers a comprehensive pickup program, there are certain items they do not accept. These include unknown containers, gas cylinders, containers larger than 5 gallons, asbestos, water-reactive materials, explosives, biological waste, and radioactive waste.

How to Recycle Hazardous Waste with Recology

Recycling hazardous waste with Recology is a simple and straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Create a List

Start by creating a list of all the hazardous waste you have. Itemize the products, noting the number of products and the size of their containers.

Step 2: Contact Recology

Reach out to Recology to schedule a pickup. You can either call them at 415-330-1405 or email them at Provide them with the list of hazardous waste items and coordinate a suitable pickup time.

Step 3: Hand Over the Materials

On the scheduled pickup day, hand over the hazardous waste materials to the Recology representative. They will take care of the rest, ensuring the proper disposal or recycling of the collected items.


By recycling hazardous waste, you play an essential role in creating a safer and cleaner environment in San Francisco. Utilizing Recology’s pickup program allows you to conveniently and responsibly dispose of hazardous materials. Make a positive impact on the planet by recycling your hazardous waste and contributing to the city’s zero waste mission.

Remember, together we can make San Francisco a safer place for everyone!