Move-in and move-out house cleaning in San Francisco is an extremely important part of moving into a new home or office location! Just picture yourself with lists of items, clothing, appliances, and furniture to pack, while handling your regular working hours! The stress of keeping things on the smooth side just increases when we try checking all of the boxes on our own.

Hiring a professional move-in and move-out cleaning SF is the best way to help decrease this stress factor, especially an eco-friendly cleaning service!

Move-Out Cleaning SF for Renters

When you’re renting an apartment or a commercial office space, you will often require move-out cleaning services to ensure that you get your deposit back from the landlord. If you’re in the process of moving, you might not have the time to dedicate several days to cleaning. Using a move-out cleaning company can ensure that you abide by the terms of your lease.

Move-In Cleaning SF Offers a Clean Start

Working with a move-in cleaning company allows you to sit back and enjoy your new property and the area’s surroundings without having to focus on the cleaning and maintenance work in the first few weeks. You’ll be able to relax a little more knowing professionals are taking over the cleaning process!

move-in and move-out cleaning

What does Move-in/Move-Out Cleaning SF, involve?

At Sparkling Clean Pro we follow the guidelines of San Francisco in regard to the essential move-in and move-out cleaning elements, such as:

Common Areas

– Vacuum carpets

– Sweep/vacuum floors and dry/wet mopping (if non-carpet)

– A light dusting of the blinds

– Empty all trash, take out garbage and recycling

– Damp wipe baseboards

– Damp wipe door panels and frames

– Remove cobwebs

– Clean interior windows and windowsills  (within reach)

– Dust ceiling fan (within reach)


– Clean and disinfect all accessible surfaces

– Spot clean cabinet fronts and their handles

– Clean, and disinfect showers and tubs, hair removal

– Clean and disinfect toilets inside and out

– Clean and disinfect doorknobs and switch plates

– Wipe all fixtures

– Clean sink and wipe all faucets

– Sweep and damp mop floors

– Clean mildew and grout areas that can be safely removed

– Heavy scrub of shower and tubs

– Extra heavy scrub of bathroom tiles

– Extra heavy scrub of bathroom sinks


– Clean and disinfect countertops

– Clean and disinfect doorknobs and switch plates

– Wipe all appliances

– Clean and disinfect the kitchen table

– Dust the top of the refrigerator

– Vacuum and sweep mop floors

– Spot Clean cabinets fronts and their handles

– Extra heavy scrub of kitchen floors

– Microwaves inside

– Toaster inside

– Wipe down inside the empty cabinets and drawers


– Vacuum carpets

– Vacuum floors and dry and wet mopping (if non-carpet)

Adds-on – they can be added to any cleaning for an extra charge

– Extend time for areas of focus

– Inside oven

– Inside refrigerator

– Mist disinfecting cleaning