Spring Cleaning can sound daunting, but these quick trips will help you transform and freshen up your home in no time!
Spring is in full bloom and you may have been thinking about a major Spring Clean. Thanks to our quick and easy tips, you already know how to part with your junk and reclaim new space in your home (yes, the garage!). Now might be a good time to scrub down your entire house so it is fresh and clean to enjoy during the sunny months that have us invite guests over for dinners, barbeques, or cocktail and movie nights.

A major Spring Clean can sound daunting, especially if you have limited space, as this means every surface and cubic inch is utilized. This also means all your items need to be stored efficiently, so if you have a lot of trinkets, you may want to start with our de-cluttering tips first. Once you’ve removed unnecessary items and reorganized the rest, it is best to slice up the work in a handful of major chunks.

1. Start with large surfaces that require a deep clean.

Major surfaces often include areas in the house we seldomly clean, such as your carpet, your walls, curtains, all the major light fixtures, your appliances, etc. These areas accumulate dust and dirt over time so it’s best to start with those. The added bonus is he satisfaction you feel when a large portion of your home has been deep cleaned. Schedule a deep carpet clean with us, dust off and professionally clean your area rugs and curtains, and deep clean your oven, fridge, and other stainless steal appliances.

2. Reorganize and redecorate

Part of Spring Cleaning is a fresh start. You’ve already decluttered your home to rid yourself of trash, junk, and unnecessary trinkets, but there is yet more reorganizing to do. Storing bulky winter clothes away and giving your closet a make over can do wonders for your bedroom. Reorganizing old magazines and paperwork in your office is another quick Spring Clean trick to lift the spirits and let fresh air in. You might also consider reupholstering your couch, splurging on new cushion covers or linens, or even painting a kitchen wall!

3. Keeping things fresh and clean

Part of Spring Cleaning is making sure your home feels fresh, new and beautiful for a while to come. When before you were just tidying up once a week, you are now giving your home an entire cleansing makeover, and you want it to last. One trick is to not forget about the hidden items, such as polishing your silver, new plants and flower arrangements, or even scented moth bags and non-toxic candles and other air fresheners for a clean breeze inside and out.

Once you’ve decluttered, deep-cleaned, reorganized, and added new decorative touches here and there, you will find yourself living in a whole new, clean and beautiful home with a lot less of the effort required in a move or major redecorating project. Enjoy it with friends over a cocktail party or relax alone on your *new* couch.